Top 5 Gaming Moments That Shaped My Future In Games

Let’s start with the 5 most influential moments in my gaming life that made me the gamer I am today. Please feel free to share with me what your top 5 moments were, or if you have experienced some of the same things I have.

Ooooh, I can feel the nostalgia bubbling up!


Heck Yes!

Heck Yes!

TMNT is not just the first videogame I ever played, it was also the first game I ever beat. I was 5 when I got the chickenpox. Trapped at home, I had nothing to do so my grandparents let me borrow their NES (still not sure how they ever ended up having one in the first place) and along with it came TMNT 2. Fast forward 2 years, when I was still “borrowing” their NES and I finally built up my gaming skills to beat Shredder in the heart of the Technodrome and watch as [SPOILER] a blimp hovered casually over the city with my mutant turtle face plastered on a giant screen for the world to praise their hero – until Shredder vowed to return!

Worth mentioning are my favorite and least favorite moments in the game:


Just look at the screen above. The skateboarding level. The music. Finally reaching the Technodrome. The final battle with Shredder. Watching Shredder morph my turtles to little babies with a totally unfair shock attack.


That stupid ‘museum’ level just before reaching the Technodrome.

Later I’d go on to play TMNT 3, but that never excited me the way the historic TMNT 2 hung on to me. This one still pulls on my heartstrings.



Ok, let’s be real for a second. I wanted a Nintendo 64 more than any other gaming console on the planet. I’d played the heck out of the NES for years up until that point. I’d dabbled with the SNES and Genesis a little, but only at friends’ houses. But when I went to Toys ‘R Us and saw a demo of Mario 64 on display, and I got my hands on that awful three-pronged N64 controller, I just knew I had to get one.

Until my dad said “No, you’d rather have a PlayStation – trust me.”

I was pretty mad at him for not getting me the N64, but that Christmas I plugged in the Sony PlayStation put Crash Bandicoot in and never looked back.

Sorry Mario

Sorry Mario

From that point I was a PlayStation gamer. Since then I’ve owned every Sony gaming device ever created. Don’t think that I don’t enjoy playing “those other consoles”, but I know where my heart truly lies.


No not the movie, this thing:

I hate you...

I hate you…

This was the first time that I matured as a gamer and swore to myself that I’d NEVER EVER EVER buy another game without first playing it. As Stan “The Man” Lee always says, “Nuff said!”


Ok, ok, this isn’t really a “Gaming Moment” per say, but this did influence my gaming future. I eventually grew up and got a job. For some reason, that job I wanted was a high school teacher. I know, I know – what’s wrong with me. The fact of the matter is, it’s pretty fun being a teacher. Until you meet…them:

Oh Lord Jesus why were you allowed to buy an M rated game?

Oh Lord Jesus why were you allowed to buy an M rated game?

The Call of Duty, voice cracking, whiny, snotty, loud, obnoxious, rage-quitting, sailor-speaking prepubescent… you know them. I’m surrounded by a dozen of them in many of my classes. They skip class the day the next COD releases. They talk endlessly about noobs and how awesome their skills are. They brag about how long it took them to prestige. It just goes on.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking, or even playing, COD. I’ve grown out of it. Instead, because of this movement in gaming where online lobbies have been taken over by these types of people, I’ve been pushed towards other gaming outlets:

The Indies. And man what an awesome discovery. Check back another day, maybe, for a post about some of my favorites.


Alright, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…yes, this is not a “Gaming Moment”, but again, it’s had huge ramifications in my gaming life. When I became a father in 2012, I was deep into gaming on the PS3. My game collection consisted of Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Killzone, Red Dead Redemption, Portal 2, Elder Scrolls – this list goes on for a while. There are some things I said that I’d just have to push away once my son was born. I would not play ultra violent games around him, or play games that had excessive swearing. This has resulted in me cutting down on my gaming time considerably during the daylight hours. So what’s the message here? How did I adjust? I got me one of these:

I've never looked back

I’ve never looked back

There’s a lot of hate about the internet concerning Sony’s latest handheld venture. Let me set the record straight:

This is the greatest handheld gaming device on the planet. I will not back down from that statement. Ever. Period.

But, but, but…there’s no games for it. The memory cards are too expensive. I’ve got Monster Hunter, what do you got!?!?!?

I’m not going to argue with anybody, this is just a friendly blog. Yes the memory cards are too highly priced, and Monster Hunter isn’t really my thing anyways. But lacking in games is something you cannot find wrong with the PS Vita. And besides that, I’m able to continue enjoying great games in the same room as the rest of my family (by the way – I do put the games away and spend time with the wife and son, in case you were wondering). Currently I’m enjoying tons of Indie games on the platform, along with going back and replaying tons of PSOne classics from my nostalgic days. Right now, I’m barreling through FF7 and loving it – just got slaughtered by Schizo at the beginning of Disc 2, in case you needed to know.


So there you have it, my top 5 gaming moments that have influenced my gaming life. Let me know you thoughts below, and what your top 5 moments are!



One thought on “Top 5 Gaming Moments That Shaped My Future In Games

  1. TMNT was a great game for the NES, way better than the original, it was a blast and the first was nearly unplayable due to difficulty, yeah I’m looking at you dam level! I too chose the PSX and couldn’t be happier that I did, I knew when I purchased Resident Evil in the large original case that I had something special.

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